29 October Emergency Decree


Within the context of “state of emergency”, two emergency decrees have just declared faced with new dismissals and some new regulations are brought. We held a press in Headquarters about this issue.

10 thousand 131 public workers are dismissed (permanently suspended) from their duties in unlawful and unfair manner by emergency decree declared on 29 October. The other number of permanently suspended workers is 2 thousand 219 from ministry of education, and 1267 from higher education. The total number of dismissed public workers has reached to 38 thousand 294 from ministry of education and 3 thousand 613 from Higher Education considering declaration of 1 September emergency decree.

On 29 October, by emergency decree, 590 of them from ministry of education, 26 of them from universities; totally 616 Egitim Sen members are dismissed from their duties. Many branches of our board members and active members are in these numbers.

There is no any concrete reason for dismissing in public with these decrees. Also, it is not recognized “right to defense” that is the fundamental principles of law to those people.

Rector elections are removed. Rectors are assigned by the president. Lawyer limitation and right of defense are restricted. All these regulations are against the constitution but the implementations of “emergency regimes” has become permanent.

It should be known that we sustain our organizational and legal struggle for everyone, especially our members, who are dismissed in injustice and unlawful manner.

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